Fencing services for Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Fencing - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

There is a huge variety of fencing styles available for most budgets and ideas. KJP Fencing can supply any style of panel or make bespoke any design of fence you might like.

You can choose from wooden or concrete posts and there are now a number of plastic options becoming available. We are happy to discuss your needs and source the materials needed to achieve your desired results. Our materials come from a wide range of local suppliers but we also have access to national suppliers should it be needed, and every single piece of timber that we use is pressure-treated, and available in a green or brown finish

Panel fencing is usually the most cost effective but closeboard has long been the standard in long-term fencing solutions. Panel fencing has to step-up/down with slopes whereas closeboard can run down a slope in a smooth line. Picket fencing is very popular as a smart low level barrier and can be supplied in a smooth finish for areas where children are likely to play. Hit and miss fencing is designed to allow air flow whilst still retaining some privacy – this is excellent in high wind areas or where air-flow is required to dispel moisture. The variety of panels and trellis styles and sizes available has risen dramatically in recent times – contact us for options.

Our other fencing services include fence repair & maintenance, fence painting, staining & sealing for protection, and storm damage repair.

KJP Fencing offers the following styles of Fencing

  • Panel
  • Running Closeboard
  • Palisade
  • Trellis
  • Hit and Miss
  • Post and Rail